Print Distribution

Whether you're running an ad campaign, sending training kits, HR packets or POP materials to multiple locations or need printing and fulfillment for your latest book or special report, Prestige Color offers a full line of print distribution services tailored to your needs.

Bulk Mailings

We can send postcards, newsletters, response cards, booklets, posters or other materials to 200-50,000 addresses. We'll handle all the addressing details including address verification and bar coding that meets all postal regulations. Plus, we can personalize your mailings with multiple variables to give your ad campaigns maximum impact. Easily slice and dice your list and personalize your offer to a variety of demographics or split your list to target special offers to different retail locations or sales people.


Do you need to send training packets, POP materials, shelf tags, promo posters or books to clients, customers or multiple company locations? Need someone to handle order fulfillment for a special promotion? We can handle all your distribution and fulfillment needs and provide complete inventory management that makes reorders a snap!

Equipment List:

  • Buskro tabbing and mailing system
  • Neopost 6 station with auxillary inserter folder inserter

Our complete fulfillment services include:

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